Child & Family Photography

Choosing the right family photographer

I am a good choice as your family photographer because I am skilled in every area. From newborns, to elderly, I have the experience! When it comes to newborns, you want to be quick! We only have a few weeks when babies are the perfect size. When photographing babies, I use the controlled, safe environment of my studio. I have creative, beautiful props. You will not find many family photographers with studios geared towards children and babies. I spent 6 years earning my degrees in photography and fine art. I have mastered lighting techniques. Other photographers learn a few things on You Tube, take a few courses, or call themselves “natural light” photographers. This translates to “I don’t understand studio or flash photography.” Without this basic equipment, you get mediocre images that fail to flatter the subject.

Full family photos can be taken in a studio session, or in a natural or outdoor environment. Although many people still prefer the controlled atmosphere of a studio portrait, this choice is less popular in recent years. This may be due to the poor quality standards in malls and big box stores. As a student, I did photography for JC Penney, and believe me, they will hire anyone with an eyeball and two hands. I do beautiful studio photography. As a trained family photographer, I can provide keepsake-quality images. It’s about sculpting light to flatter each person, highlighting his or her best features. I love environmental family photos. I am willing to go anywhere, including your own backyard! Overland Park, and the entire Kansas City area has a huge variety of parks, fountains, rural areas, and city scenes. Your family can choose what would be right for your family! Then my creativity will go to work for you.

The sitting fee starts at $285, which pays for my time as your family photographer. I will use as much time as it takes! I want to give you the high quality, unique images that you will treasure for years to come.