Senior Pictures

How to get the best senior pictures

Are you looking for creative, top notch senior pictures? I am ready to step up! I have a gift for capturing who you really are. This is an important time in your life that you will want to remember. “Don’t settle for the the same boring images all your friends will have. Choose to stand out. My senior picture sessions are managed differently than most. “I use only state of the art equipment–including reflectors, high quality flash, and diffusers.” “Most other senior photographers make do with direct sunlight, which is very harsh and inconsistent. Their pictures often have unflattering shadows and shine.)

My only priority is getting you the stunning pictures you’ll be proud to send to your family. I don’t place any limits on poses, outfit changes, or different locations. Bring the clothes and objects that make you feel most like you. You’ll also decide on your own prints package, as I don’t force you into any set packages”. If you want to go into Kansas City, we’ll go to Kansas City. If you want to go to a park, we’ll go to a park. We can go to your school, the plaza, a warehouse, well… you’re getting it. We’ll go wherever there’s a great picture to be had. And, we can go to more places than one. Since I am a professional photographer, I also offer a fully equipped studio. In the studio we can generate bold, flattering looks, with beautiful lighting. I will have you looking like a magazine model, just like my sample pictures here! I focus on capturing the essence of your personality. I guarantee that guys and gals will have a great time with me because I am a fun, laid back guy! After the shoot, we’ll meet to review your pictures. You can hand pick what prints you would like, in what sizes. I’m based out of Overland Park, but I have found many interesting locations in Kansas City.

My rate for doing senior pictures is $445. As you are probably guessing, I will use as much time as we need!